The Pema Chödrön Foundation supports:

Gampo Abbey

Pema Chödrön’s home monastery, Gampo Abbey in Nova Scotia, exemplifies the beauty and depth that such a contemplative community can offer to the Western world, and to all who come in contact with it.  . . . [Read More]

The Nuns of Tsoknyi Gechak Ling

Tsoknyi Gechak Ling is a small Buddhist nunnery in the village of Chobhar, in the foothills near Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. About 100 nuns live at Tsoknyi Gechak Ling, having fled Tibet in an effort to continue their meditation practice and study and keep their tradition alive. Pema believes that to make it possible for these extraordinary and deserving nuns to fulfill their own aspiration for monastic training.  . . . [Read More]

The Book Initiative

This initiative aims to make Pema’s books available to underserved individuals, and the organizations that serve them, free of charge. This program is for the benefit of those who have no access to Pema’s teachings, and to groups and not-for-profit organizations who serve people in need.  . . .  [Read More]